MOVE Outdoor AGVs

Preparing the industry of the future

MOVE AGVs present themselves as important competitiveness solutions for the industry of the future – increasing efficiency and decreasing costs.

They play an increasingly important role in the industry by the recognition of their availability, reliability and versatility as labor costs increase.

The multiple possible configurations of AGVs make it possible to present solutions with high added value (cost-benefit ratio) in several industries, such as automotive, food, chemicals, plastics, paper or pharmaceuticals.

Use Case 1

Link between production and testing unit

MOVE 3.5 allows the finished product to be transported to the testing unit without the need for labor involvement in both indoor and outdoor environments. Through the automatic charging of batteries in the loading / unloading locations, it is practically 100% available.

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Use Case 2

Automation of semi-trailer transport within the perimeter

MOVE 20 allows transport as well as loading and unloading of semi-trailers within the industrial perimeter, thus increasing the efficiency and safety of these operations. This solution allows the optimization of the use of infrastructures through the use of its fleet management system, thus allowing to prioritize loading / unloading according to the needs of the different plants.

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Use Case 3

Link between production and warehouse

MOVE 20max allows the transport of large volumes of product between production and the warehouse. Through bidirectionality and the two directional axes with independent operation, it presents a high agility that allows docking where conventional solutions present greater difficulty.
It also allows to be driven by a driver in manual mode in the case of transport that needs to pass through the public road.

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