Driverless Innovation

Disruptive transportation solutions for people and goods

The MOVE vehicle line is a driverless means of transport for people and goods for outdoor environments. They are intelligent solutions controlled 100% autonomously and with zero polluting emissions. MOVEs are distinguished as innovative solutions in the global market for driverless shuttles and outdoor AGVs for the transport of people and goods respectively for their high level of efficiency, safety and reliability.

MOVE Outdoor AGVs

Preparing the industry of the future

MOVE Outdoor AGVs are innovative solutions for the electrical transport of goods without drivers in an outdoor industrial environment with a load capacity of up to 20 tons.

MOVE Outdoor AGVs present efficiency, safety and reliability associated with low environmental impact as their main assets for the industry.

These promote the optimization of logistic processes through their fleet management system, allowing interconnection with the factory’s information systems. Thus allowing, for example, to automate the interface with the loading / unloading docks and prioritizing the loads to be transported.

MOVE 3.5

Transports up to 3.5 tons


Tows up to 20 tons

MOVE 20max

Transports up to 20 tons

MOVE driverless shuttles

Disruptive solutions for the cities of the future

MOVE driverless shuttles are intelligent electric solutions for driverless urban mobility with the capacity to transport up to a maximum of 35 people simultaneously on “last mile” routes.

The main advantages that MOVEs present in urban areas are centered on ease of access and use (including reduced mobility) as a way of increasing urban mobility with low environmental and economic impact.

Equipped with the most recent and proven security systems, the safety of its passengers as well as users in their surroundings is a priority of its operation.

The transport solution provided by MOVE includes a fleet management system that interconnects with infrastructures such as access stations and traffic lights in order to ensure the safety and operability of all those involved, for example, activating traffic lights when approaching a pedestrian crossing that crosses its path, thus allowing the sharing of space with pedestrians in a safe way.

MOVE 9 shuttle

Transports up to 9 people

MOVE 35 shuttle

Transports up to 35 people